15 April 2017
Sochi, SK Yunost


Winner - Lesstroyinvest (Krasnoyarsk)
The IIIrd International SOCHI FEC/PROM Cup surely became the best tournament according to its atmosphere, which the Sportico organizers had ever held in the Olympic games host city. The new football flooring, welcoming complex "Yunost", the best health resort of the country, the broadest geography of participants – all the aspects turned the competition to a really colossal and special event in the corporate sport of our country. Just think it over! 12 participating companies represented 10 (!) cities and populated localities at the Cup. Moscow (Lukoil-Energoseti and NRC "Kurchatov Institute") and Sochi (Sochiteploenergo and Sochi EBPS) delegated per two teams to the tournament. There was a single team from Saint-Petersburg (Gazprom Energoholding), Novosibirsk (SIBECO), Krasnoyarsk (Lesstroyinvest), Krasnodar (Krasnodar Burenie), Ufa (Bashneftegeofizika), Pyatigorsk (Kavkazenergo) and, sure enough, guests from Kazakhstan, representing in the competition one region of the fraternal state: Kazakhmys (Karaganda) and Molodezhny Coal Mine from the same-named workers settlement of Karaganda Region. And if you would consider, that a half of the teams represented combined teams of different subdivisions of the participating companies from various cities and regions!? This constellation of the teams in warm April Adler was greeted by the 7-fold Champion of Russia as a member of Spartak Dmitry Khlestov, who became the honoured guest of the competition.
Group A
Group B
Group C

Ist place – Lesstroyinvest (Krasnoyarsk)
IInd place – Gazpromenergoholding (St. Petersburg)
IIIrd place – Lukoil - Energoseti (Moscow)
Ist place of Silver Playoff – SIBECO (Novosibirsk)
IInd place of Silver Playoff – Krasnodar Drilling (Krasnodar)
IIIrd place of Silver Playoff – Caucasusenergo (Pyatigorsk)
Otkrytie team – Kazakhmys (Karaganda)
The first goal of the competition – Andrey Buller (Lesstroyinvest)
The best goalkeeper – Mikhail Tarletsky (Lesstroyinvest)
The best defender – Vladimir Lukyanov (Sochiteploenergo)
The best striker – Dmitry Shalin (Lukoil - Energoseti)
The best player – Valery Ryzhov (Gazpromenergoholding)

The team of Sportico organizers expresses thanks with all its heart to participants of this huge sports event and, surely, to heads of participating companies, who really maintain sports, development and recreation of the most active employees inside their organizations by deed, not by word. We are also grateful to the match officials of Sochi Football Federation, volunteers, the photographer, showmaster, cheerleading group "Zhemchuzhina", and directorate, governing body, employees of the most welcoming sports complex on the coast of the Black Sea – "Yunost". All together we have made this sports holiday one of the best holidays in the amateur sport of our country. We hope to see you in Sochi in 2018!