19 November 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Football Arena SC Zenit

St. Petersburg Football Open - 2017

Sportico Company is going to make a real revolution in arrangement of amateur football competitions among enterprises in the territory of our country on November 19.
Considering the fact that the organizers arrange sport meetings with the broadest geography of participants in Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg and Sochi many times, they have held a huge competition in the territory of Kazakhstan for the first time ever this year (July 1, Almaty, KazakhProm Cup – 2017). Nowadays Sportico Company is going to run the tournament in the Northern capital, wherein not only teams from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, but also from the EU-countries will take part. The geographic location and the status of Saint-Petersburg itself really enable achievement of this goal, and if we take into account the experience of Sportico organizers in involvement of the maximum geography of participants, we understand that the goal may be actually reached.
Traditionally, St. Petersburg Football Open will be held in the environment of a football festival with a clear arrangement, unobtrusive, but bright entertainment program with playground location, competitions and prizes. Surely, such a great football meeting will not go without an honoured guest of the tournament – a great sports superstar.
In case of questions concerning preparation and participation in the competition, please, contact the Project Manager Ivan Raspopov. See his contact details and short information about the competition below.
About the tournament
Field size: 42 x 24 meters
Flooring: artificial
Gates: futsal gates
Team composition: 5 outfield players + goalkeeper (unlimited substitutions)
Rules: simplified futsal rules of the game
Match duration: 2 times per 10 minutes (a team runs from 4 to 6 matches in the course of a tournament)
Playing ball: "five"
Competition scheme: group stage, then playoff

The teams of enterprises from Russia, countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and European Union are invited to participation in the competition. The estimated number of participants – 16 teams
The organizers intend to involve to participation in the competition not only teams of the north-western part of Russia, but also from other regions of our country, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland, Germany, Baltic countries etc.
For all questions, please contact
Ivan Raspopov
Project Manager of St. Petersburg Football Open - 2017
Phone: +7 (963)5318600
E-mail: raspopov@sportico.org