01 July 2017
Almaty, Football land Stadium


Winner - Kazphosphate (Taraz)
A tournament in the format, which had become naturalized and well-loved in Russia long ago: industrial football holiday – KazakhProm Cup 2017 was held on July 1 on the hospitable Kazakh earth among the teams of industrial enterprises and related branches of Kazakhstan for the first time ever. The teams from 7 cities and populated localities of the republic came to the historic competition in Almaty. The especially invited to Almaty honoured guest – the best football player of the Soviet Union, USSR Champion, bronze medallist of the Olympiad and currently famous football expert and embassador of the World Championship 2018 – Evgeny Serafimovich Lovchev was up to scratch of the event.
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Silver Playoff
Golden Playoff
Ist place – Kazphosphate (Taraz)
IInd place – Tassay (Almaty)
IIIrd place – ERG Group (Astana)
Ist place of Silver Playoff – Almaty Power Plants (Almaty)
IInd place of Silver Playoff – Temirbeton-1 (Almaty)
IIIrd place of Silver Playoff – KazMunaiGas Exploration Production (Astana)
Otkrytie team – Bogatyr Coal (Ekibastuz)
The best support team – Casting (Almaty)
The first goal of the competition – Nariman Asanov (Kelet)
The best goalkeeper – Karim Aptekayev (Karazhyra)
The best defender – Aleksandr Balayev (ERG Group)
The best striker – Nikita Utrobin (Tassay)
The best player – Asylbek Sharimkhan (Kazphosphate)

The staff of Sportico organizers expresses thanks to all persons involved in arrangement of the Ist KazakhProm Cup – 2017: heads of participating companies and team coaches, personnel and governing body of Football Land stadium as well as our honoured guest – Evgeny Serafimovich Lovchev. We are also grateful to the experienced match officials of the Almaty Football Federation, the cheerleading support group – show ballet "RStars", the best sports photographer of Almaty – Aleksandr Kovpak, the main drift showmaster – Denis Plotnikov, the sound engineer, volunteers and everyone who has helped us to arrange this wonderful event, which certainly will be a good sports tradition in Kazakhstan.