17 June 2017
Novosibirsk, Spartak Stadium

Siberian Energetics Cup – 2017

Winner - The Dzerzhinsky Mine (Prokopievsk)
On June 17, the corporate teams of fuel and energy complex of the region gathered again in Novosibirsk to determine the strongest football team of the industry. The competition was held for the fourth time already, however, it had a status of the International competition for the first time ever. Since alongside with the Russian teams, a team of Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant from Pavlodar took part in the tournament. That time, the biggest sports event of the branch beyond the Urals took place in Spartak stadium hosting FNL matches. The heat made its adjustments to preparation for arrangement of the football festival, therefore we had to displace the organizer zone to a shady place on a not really convenient and conventional place behind the radius of track-and-field tracks. However, despite all the difficulties, the football battle was marvelous. The tournament participants were greeted by the honored guest of the competition and legendary goalkeeper Aleksandr Filimonov – six-fold Champion of Russia as a member of Moscow Spartak, World Champion 2011 as a member of the Russian national team in beach football.
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Silver Playoff
Golden Playoff
Ist place – The Dzerzhinsky Mine (Prokopyevsk)
IInd place – Kazakhstan electrolysis plant (Pavlodar, Kazakhstan)
IIIrd place – New Energy (Novosibirsk)
Ist place of Silver Playoff – Sibtechenergo (Novosibirsk)
IInd place of Silver Playoff – EnergoKomplekt (Novosibirsk)
IIIrd place of Silver Playoff – ZapSib TEC (Novokuznetsk)
Otkrytie team - NIOST (Tomsk)
The best support team – SIBECO
The best goalkeeper - Evgeniy Marchenko (The Dzerzhinsky Mine)
The best defender - Aleksey Kim (New Energy)
The best striker - Maxim Bekirov (Gorseti)
The best player - Kayrjan Barlybaev (Kazakhstan electrolysis plant)

The staff of Sportico organizers expresses thanks to all persons involved in arrangement of the IVth International Siberian Energetics Cup: heads of participating companies and team coaches, personnel and governing body of Spartak stadium as well as our honoured guest – Aleksandr Filimonov. We are also grateful to the experienced match officials of the Novosibirsk Region Football Federation, the cheerleading support group – show ballet "Drive", the best sports photographer of Siberia – Aleksandr Lukin, the showmaster, sound engineer, volunteers and all the rest. We hope to see you at the anniversary Vth Siberian Energetics Cup in 2018!


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2015 – Tank Farm "Krasny Yar" (Krasny Yar)
2016 – Sibirenergoservice (Novosibirsk)
2017 – The Dzerzhinsky Mine (Prokopyevsk)
2018 - ???