4 Marth 2017
Barnaul, SC Temp

Great Altai Cup – 2017

Winner - Galika AG (Novosibirsk)
The Ist International Great Altai Cup – 2017 took place on the new Barnaul football arena "Temp" on March 4. It was an exciting and long-awaited event for its organizers – Sportico Company, because they managed to hold the tournament in their native city for the first time ever. As the saying goes, they should not simply show the competition "to the best advantage", but to create such an atmosphere of a football festival so that it would be a special one in the series of tournaments, which Sportico had already held in the quantity of more than two tens in several cities of the country and it should be remembered by its participants for a long time. In addition, there were two teams arrived from Astana to Barnaul, which travelled a long way. We hope, they enjoyed true pleasure not only from participation in the great football holiday, but also from staying in the welcoming capital of the Altai Region.
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Silver Playoff
Golden Playoff
Ist place – Galika AG (Novosibirsk)
IInd place – City-Service (Novosibirsk)
IIIrd place – Khozmaster (Barnaul)
Ist place of Silver Playoff – AltayGasInvestStroy (Barnaul)
IInd place of Silver Playoff – TMH-Service (Novosibirsk)
IIIrd place of Silver Playoff – South of Siberia (Barnaul)
Otkrytie team - Pripravych (Novosibirsk)
The best support team
Khozmaster (Barnaul)
The best goalkeeper - Dmitry Boriskin (Khozmaster)
The best defender - Denis Shmakov (Sibirenergoservice)
The best striker - Yuri Krivintsov (Galika AG)
The best player - Maxim Tropin (City-Service)

The staff of Sportico organizers expresses thanks to all persons involved in arrangement of such a huge event: heads of participating companies and team coaches, arena of Temp SC, media partners of the tournament – publishing houses and internet portals of Altayskaya Pravda, Riva-Sport, Amitel, Footcom and television channel STRC "Altai". We are also grateful to the match officials of the Novosibirsk Region Football Federation, Infinity dance studio, the showmaster, photographer, sound engineer, volunteers and everyone who has ensured a high level of the competition organization together with us. We wish to express our special gratitude to our friends from the fraternal Kazakhstan, who have found an opportunity to take part in the football holiday despite the absence of through air and railroad service between Barnaul and Astana. We hope to see you at Great Altai Cup – 2018!