NOVEMBER 11, 2018
Verhnyaya Pyshma, UMMC Sports Palace

Ist All-Russian Volleyball Competition – Volley UralPROM – 2018

After a course of successfully held futsal tournaments in the Urals, another series of one more very popular sport at the enterprises – volleyball – has come. The first All-Russian UralPROM Cup – 2018 will be held among volleyball teams of the enterprises of the Urals and Siberia on November 11 in the famous UMMC Sports Palace in Verkhnyaya Pyshma (15 kilometers from Yekaterinburg).

The Sportiko organizers are planning participation of teams of industrial giant companies from all over the Urals and Western Siberia in the tournament. Besides, the teams of the largest enterprises of the northern Kazakhstan will be invited to the competition, so it is entirely possible that the tournament will become an international one.

In addition to the perfectly arranged sporting event, the volleyball players, fans and children are expected to participate in an extensive entertainment program with competitions, prizes, presenters and animators. Everyone will be able to have a snack in a specially organized buffet line.

For all questions related to the organization and conduction of this tournament, conditions of participation, format for submitting applications and other issues regarding the Volley UralPROM Cup – 2018, contact the Project Manager – Ivan Raspopov. Below you will find his contact information
For tournament
  • 1
    Game Format
    Group stage + playoff, a match lasts up to 2 won games. Each game is played up to 15 points + balance. Men's volleyball net – 2,43 meters
  • 2
    Team Composition
    Classic volleyball – 6 players. The number of substitutions is unlimited. There are no restrictions by gender
  • 3
    It is planned that 12 to 18 teams from Russia and Kazakhstan will take part in the tournament
  • 4
    The more fans your team has – the better it is! This encourages the atmosphere of a sports festival!
  • 5
    Competition Place and Time
    UMMC Sports Palace, Yekaterinburg. November, 11
  • 6
    Additional Business Benefits
    The coverage of this event in the media and social networks contributes to formation of a positive image of the company as supporting sports and a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the tournament is an excellent platform for establishing and strengthening business contacts in informal surroundings
For all questions related to the tournament, please, contact Ivan Raspopov!
Ivan Raspopov
Manager of the competition "Ist All-Russian Volleyball Competition – Volley UralPROM Cup – 2018"
Phone: +7(963)531-86-00