NOVEMBER 17, 2018
Yekaterinburg, Ural Arena

IVth All-Russian Futsal Competition – UralProm Cup – 2018

One of the most significant and representative football tournaments of Sportiko – the IVth All-Russian Futsal Competition – UralProm Cup-2018 – will be held on September 17 in Yekaterinburg. Last year, 24 (!) teams of the enterprises from Perm to Novosibirsk fought an exciting battle of the sports festival for the prize. This year, the list of participants is expected to be not less impressive, both in terms of geography and participant names.

In addition to the excellently arranged atmospheric futsal competition, the tournament program will be rated for the fans too, who will be offered competitive, gaming and entertainment locations. Traditionally, the "highlight of the program" will be the visit of the great national football star to the tournament. The venue of the tournament will be the only one in the Urals and operating full-sized football arena – "Ural".

For all questions related to the competition, please, contact the Project Manager – Anton Tayborin. Below you will find his contact information
For tournament
  • 1
    Game Format
    Group stage + playoff (Gold and Silver), a match consists of 2 halves per 10 minutes, ball size "five", artificial coating, futsal goalposts, playground 42 x 25 meters, simplified futsal rules
  • 2
    Team Composition
    5 players in the field + a goalkeeper, there are no restrictions on substitutions, men over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in the tournament
  • 3
    It is planned that 20 to 24 teams of the enterprises from the Urals and Siberia will take part in the competition
  • 4
    The more fans your team has – the better it is! This encourages the atmosphere of a sports festival!
  • 5
    Competition Place and Time
    Yekaterinburg, Ural Arena, November 17
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    Additional Business Benefits
    The coverage of this event in the media and social networks contributes to formation of a positive image of the company as supporting sports and a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the tournament is an excellent platform for establishing and strengthening business contacts in informal surroundings
For all questions related to the tournament, please, contact Antony Tayborin!
Antony Tayborin
Manager of the competition IVth All-Russian Futsal Competition – UralProm Cup – 2018
Phone: +7(983)101-54-44