JUNE 30, 2018
Almaty, Football Land Stadium

KazakhProm Cup – 2018

The winner of the tournament – Tassay (Almaty)
On June 30, a hot Saturday day, a large-scale amateur football holiday was held in the beautiful and hospitable city of Almaty. The teams of major companies and enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan determined the strongest one on the football field under the clear sun within the territory of the Football Land Sports Complex. Within the framework of the IInd KazakhPromProm Cup – 2018, 16 teams from Almaty, Astana, Taraz, Aksay, Karazhal, Temirtau and Akzhal met on the field. This time, the honored guest of the KazakhProm Cup was the famous Spartak player, legendary defender of the Moscow club and the Russian national team, who "ate" Ronaldo himself in his time, the sevenfold Champion of Russia – Dmitry Khlestov

According to the results of drawing of lots, three local teams as well as guests from the Akzhal Village of the Karaganda Region got into group A. It happened so that 3 of 4 teams represented metallurgy, but they were not the ones who set the tone in the quartet. The challenger was Tassay here – the silver winners of the last year, they became the main striking force in the group. The representatives of the metallurgical industry Casting and KazFerroStal came together in the first game, as it turned out, the last year's participants were more successful and masterful and beat their opponents with a minimum difference of 2:1. Tassay left no chances to NOVA Zinc with a score of 5:1. Then, the metallurgists of NOVA Zinc met again with KazFerroStal resulting in 3:1, Tassay confidently beat the fellow countrymen from Casting with the same score 3:1. In the final round, KazFerrostal was not able to oppose Tassay, and Casting played with NOVA Zinc peacefully, which allowed Almaty residents to leave the group into the Golden Playoff, thanks to the best difference between the goals scored and conceded. KazFerroStal and NOVA Zinc continued to fight for prizes in the Silver Playoff
Группа "А"

In group B, the representatives of different industries revealed the winner. Karlsberg Kazakhstan confidently beat Lukoil Central Asia 7:0 already in the first game, which caused suspicion of the event presenter Denis Plotnikov in using of "doping" in form of energy drinks of their own production – made by Carlsberg Company. Though, Flash drink was available to all KazakhProm participants, therefore "doping" had nothing to do with it! The last year's participants "Kelet" played a draw with other oilmen "Karachaganak Petroleum" – 1:1. Further, the beer giants gave way to Kelet after a bright start – 0:2. Lukoil, being even reinforced with the famous Dmitry Khlestov, could not again oppose Karachaganak in the oil derby. The football players from Aksay became the winners in the third round too, beating Carlsberg. Thus, the north representatives went to the Golden Playoff from the first place. They were accompanied by Almaty from Kelet. However, Carlsberg and Lukoil Central Asia continued their performance in the "Silver Playoff"
Группа "B"

The composition in group C turned out to be very interesting. The management team of Samruk Energy Holding – the silver winners of the Novosibirsk Energy Cup of Siberia – 2018 were initially challengers for getting from the first place out of the group, which they proved in the very first game with Kompetenz team – 4:1. The branch of Arcelor Mittal "Orken Atasu" met with the branch of Samruk Energy "AZhK" in the first game and lost 1:4, then Samruk Energy confidently beat Orken Atasu with the score of 7:0, the insurance company "Kompetenz" beat AZHK with the minimum difference – 2:1, the next game was lost by AZhK in favor of their colleagues from the Management Company "Samruk Energy" – 0:3, and Kompetenz beat Orken Atas – 2:1. In this way, Samrkuk Energo and Kompetenz went to the Golden Playoff, while AZhK and Orken Atasu went to the Silver Playoff respectively. The final table in the group looks as follows:
Группа "C"

It became clear from the first round in this quartet: the rivals were almost equal in their level and the struggle to enter the Golden Playoff of the competition will be fierce. In the opening matches, only one goal scored decided the fate in the first round in both meetings: Arcelor Mittal – ALES 0:1, Philip Morris – Kazphosphate 0:1. Then, the last year's champions of the Cup from Taraz met with ALES and played a draw in a beautiful and equal fight – 2:2. But Arcelor Mittal leveled Philip Morris to the ground – 4:0. Thus, the third round and the main intrigue in the confrontation of the south and north – Kazphosphate and Arcelor Mittal became decisive in the distribution of tickets to the main playoff of the tournament. At that point of time, the current trophy holders were a little stronger, and they went from the second place in the group to the Golden Playoff, the team of Almaty Electric Networks went from the first place to the quarterfinal of the "Golden Playoff". The team of Arcelor was third, and Philip Morris was fourth
Группа "D"

Almost all representatives of the metallurgical industry played in the Silver Playoff. In the quarterfinals, almost all the teams that took the third places in the group became the winners, except for the opposition of the metallurgists from Nova Zinc and Orken Atasu, in which the football players from Karaganda Region took the upper hand – 2:1. In the semifinals, they were confronted by the fellow countrymen, and besides, the closest colleagues in their industry – the team of the parent branch of Arcelor Mittal, whose representative was Orken. The team of the parent company did not leave a stone upon the "workfellows", having got a confident victory – 5:0. In the other semifinal, AZhK won over Carlsberg very confidently too – 7:1. Thus, Carlsberg and Orken-Atasu played in the match for the third place of the "Silver Playoff", while Arcelor and AZhK met in the final. Both confrontations were stubborn, so Carlsberg took the lead over Orken-Atasu by penalties, and Arcelor Mittal took the lead over AZhK with a minimal score.

Серебряный плей-офф

The main matches of the tournament in the "Golden Playoff" passed persistently, dramatically, emotionally, and sometimes toughly. In the Almaty derby, Tassay and Kompetenz almost ended the meeting ahead of time due to the removal of the insurers, with whom they disagreed categorically. But prudence triumphed and the match continued. As a result, Tassay won – 2:0. The Tassay rival in the semifinal was determined at the meeting of ALES and Kelet, in which the energy workers were slightly stronger and more successful – 1:0. Another confrontation between the north and the south of Kazakhstan in the quarterfinal ended again with a victory for the south and the current holder of the Cup: Kazphosphate – Karachaganak Petroleum 2:0. Relatively without problems, only guests from the capital reached the semifinal: Samruk Energo – Casting 5:1. In the semifinals, the degree of struggle increased only, which just about resulted in a fight in the match between Samruk Energo and Kazphosphate. But everything worked out and Samruk Energo won with the score of 2:0 without firing a single shot. At the same time, another favorite of the competition – Tassay beat the fellow countrymen from ALES, who seemed to be running low on the decisive fights – 4:1. Fatigue affected the match for the third place too, where ALES lost to their rivals in the group from Kazphosphate 2:5. The final was more stubborn. An equal fight continued throughout the match, however, only the players from Almaty managed to score thanks to their resulting actions and they celebrated the victory – 1:0. Tassay became the winner of the KazakhProm Cup – 2018
Золотой плей-офф
Ist Place – Tassay (Almaty)
IInd Place – Samruk Energo (Astana)
IIIrd Place – Kazphosphate (Taraz)
Ist Place in the Silver Playoff – Arcelor Mittal (Temirtau)
IInd Place in the Silver Playoff – AZhK (Almaty)
IIIrd Place in the Silver Playoff – Carlsberg (Almaty)
Discovery team – Karachaganak Petroleum (Aksay)
The best supporting group – Carlsberg (Almaty)
The best player of the tournament – Igor Voynov (Samruk Energo)
The best goalkeeper of the tournament – Gabit Kydyrbaev Kazphosphate)
The best defender of the tournament – Igen Abdymomin (ALES)
The best forward of the tournament – Magzhan Amangeldy (Tassay)
The first goal of the tournament – Artem Lavrov (Carlsberg)

The team of Sportiko organizers thanks all participants of the competition and the leaders of the participating companies, everyone who helped to organize the tournament: the team and management of the Football Land Sports Complex, the judging panel of the Almaty Football Federation, the presenter, photographer, videographer, volunteers, the Versailles show ballet and everyone who helped us to conduct the IInd KazakhProm Cup – 2018. See you in the year 2019!

2017 – Kazphosphate (Taraz)
2018 – Tassay (Almaty)
2019 - ???