SEPTEMBER 22, 2018
Novosibirsk, SC "Sever"

Volley ТЭК Cup - 2018

The winner of the tournament - SibER (Kemerovo)
The fourth tournament of the Volley TEK series took place on September 22, gathering under its flags 12 teams of the leading enterprises of the fuel and energy industry of the Siberian region at once. And again, as in the past year, the honorary trophy did not remain in Novosibirsk. In the central hall of the North Sports Complex, where the professional volleyball club "Lokomotiv" held their matches, the teams listened to the national anthem and, after the parting words of the Olympic medalist Aleksey Kazakov, took to fighting over the desired Cup

In the first quartet, there were two Novosibirsk teams and two representatives of the Kemerovo Region. In the opening match, in three sets, ZapSib TPP from Novokuznetsk got the strong-willed victory over SPE Vostok with the score of 2:1 (12:15; 15:10; 15:8). In another duel of group A, two new members of Volley TEK – SDS and Novosibirskenergosbyt came together. The team from Kemerovo was stronger, having gained three points in two games 2:0 (15:11; 15:6). In the next match with ZapSib TPP, Kemerovo residents developed their success. Having won the second game, Novokuznetsk team did not manage to turn the tide of the game, and SDS got the victory which brought them to the first place in the group. In the parallel meeting, SPE Vostok was stronger than Novosibirskenergosbyt 2:0, which, despite the result, demonstrated a good level of game and looked very massively in general. In each meeting, NES volleyball players fought to the end, showing the maximum devotion. It should be noted that it was group A that could be called the "group of death", since according to the results of the tournament, SDS and ZapSib TPP achieved very good results, becoming one of the winners. In the final third round of the group stage, the representatives of EVRAZ outplayed Novosibirskenergosbyt thanks to the increased concentration in two games 2:0 (18:16; 15:7). The Siberian Business Union took three more points in the match with Novosibirsk team of SPE Vostok with the final score of 2:0 (15:13; 15:12)

Группа "А"

The second four teams can also be divided into "new" and "experienced" participants. For players of the Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Plant and the Northern Kuzbass, the competition of Volley TEK series was a new page in their history, and a very power pulse in terms of volleyball development as a sport directly at enterprises. Looking ahead, I would say that the teams did an excellent job and performed well on such a qualitatively new level, showing a bright and interesting game. In the first meeting, they were drawn by lot, and the power engineers from Divnogorsk hardly defeated the Kuzbass coal miners in three mind-blowing games according to their heat of passions 2:1 (16:14; 16:18; 15:8). In their second match, Krasnoyarsk turned out to be stronger than the employees of the Novosibirsk HPP in two sets (15:9; 15:2) and secured access to the Playoff. In group B, the team of the Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant "Iskra", which brought two teams to the tournament at once, stamped victories one by one. Having confidently outplayed the Novosibirsk HPP in the first match 2:0 (15:7; 15:11), the representatives of Iskra broke the resistance of the uncompromising coal miners from the Northern Kuzbass with the score of 2:0 (15:11; 21:19) in a dramatic fight of the second round. Well, in its third game, the Iskra team took over the Krasnoyarsk HPP 2:0 (15:10; 15:9) and gained the second result among all the teams in the group stage. The final game in the group for the Northern Kuzbass was decisive, because only the victory in two games gave the coal miners a real chance to reach the next stage. And the residents of Berezovsky, driven forward by their die-hard fans, got the required three points in the match with the employees of the Novosibirsk HPP 2:0 (15:7; 15:12). By the way, the support group of the Northern Kuzbass deserved special attention, the fans actively supported their players, arranging a first-class performance in the stands. This gave a special atmosphere to the competition and undoubtedly charged the players. The Northern Kuzbass showed the best result among the teams that took the third place and went further

Группа "B"

The draw brought together the favorites – Kemerovo "SibirEnergoRemont" and the most titled team of the Volley TEK series "Regional Electric Networks" from Novosibirsk in the third group. In addition, quartet C was supplemented by the players of the second team of NMP "Iskra" and Kuzbassenergo RES also from the capital of Kuzbass. In the matches of the first round, Novosibirsk power engineers were stronger than their colleagues from Kuzbassenergo RES 2:0 (15:9; 15:10), and SibER also won Iskra in two games with the score of 2:2 (16:14; 15:9). In the second round, the favorites scored three points again, RES beat Iskra-2 this time with the score of 2:0 (15:12; 15:5), and the repairmen surpassed the countrymen – power engineers in two sets too 2:0 (15:10; 15:9). It should be said that Kuzbassenergo RES and Iskra-2 showed very good volleyball, but still the representatives of RES and SibER acted more successfully that day, as befit the favorites. In the face-to-face confrontation of the third round of the group stage, the Kemerovo power engineers easily defeated the second Iskra 2:0 (15:10; 15:13) and took the third place in quartet C. However, they did not have enough points to reach the next round. Without exaggeration, the central match of the third round of the entire competition could be called a duel between SibER and RES. Last time within the frameworks of Volley TEK, these teams met twice in 2016 – first, in the group stage, and then – in the semifinal. Then Novosibirsk residents were stronger in both matches. Well, this year the Kemerovo team clearly got up for the tournament in a special way, although they were slightly afraid of the representatives of RES. The result of the match was 2:0 in favor of SibER, the games ended with the same score (15:9; 15:9). Both teams went to the Playoff. The position in the group is given in the table
Группа "C"

The fans, including children, were not bored at the tournament. While fathers and mothers played volleyball, they played virtual football on the X-box, drove the gyroscooters as well as jumped on trampolines. As always, the performances of the cheerleading support group of the volleyball team "Lokomotiv" - "Drive", which delighted the eyes of all the participants of the tournament, were up to standard

The first thing to be mentioned was the presence of four teams from the Kemerovo Region in the Playoff. SibER confidently beat SPE Vostok in two sets (15:8; 15:5) and went to the semifinal. The second match of one fourth brought together the Novokuznetsk team "ZapSib TPP" and Novosibirsk "RES". The signboard match for the third place in 2017 repeated again. However, RES could not replicate success of the last year and lost in a bitter struggle, faced with staff losses during the competition. ZapSib TPP lost the second game, but they got together and won (15:11; 8:15; 15:8). In the other quarterfinal, SDS turned out to be stronger than the Krasnoyarsk HPP in a difficult match (15:10; 15:12), and the team of Iskra-1 coped with the Northern Kuzbass for the second time at the competition 2:0 (15:11; 15:6).

Three teams from the Kemerovo Region passed to the semifinals at once. The hard battle between ZapSib TPP and SibER ended with the victory for the latter (15:13; 15:11) in favor of the repairmen. Kemerovo residents played more successfully and went to the final to wait for the winner of the game between Iskra-1 and SDS. At that meeting, first everything was in favor of the Business Union, the powerful delivery and effective attacks ensured the victory in the first game with the score of 15:7. By the middle of the second set, SDS led 11:4 and it seemed that the work was done, however, the representatives of Iskra had their own opinion on this matter. Having shown a real character and sports anger, Iskra-1 created the most powerful comeback in the history of Volley TEK, winning the second game with a score of 18:16. The third set was a real decoration of the semifinal part of the tournament, in which the victory was celebrated by the employees of SDS holding.

The West Siberian TPP, as a year ago, entered the fight for the third place. The match turned out to be rich in events, and the winner was determined in three games. The power engineers from Novokuznetsk celebrated success (15:8; 10:15; 15:11).

Well, the final was a real apotheosis of all the competitions. It was clear that the debutant of the tournament "Siberian Business Union" did a great job on the way to the main match. When the representatives of SDS took the first set (15:13), it seemed that the guys would be able to get the main prize too. However, SibER waited too long for this day to stay half a step from the coveted Cup. The second game of the final "Kemerovo derby" brought success to SibER (15:11). The outcome came in the decisive third set, where SibirEnergoRemont did not lose the victory from its hands, (15:12) on the scoreboard and for the first time in its history, the main Volley TEK Cup-2018 Cup went to the heart of Kuzbass. We heartily congratulate the entire staff of SibER Company on this victory, which they undoubtedly deserved
Ist place – SibER (Kemerovo)
IInd place – SDS (Kemerovo)
IIIrd place – ZapSib TPP (Novokuznetsk)
Discovery team – Kuzbassenergo RES (Kemerovo)
The best supporting group – Northern Kuzbass (Berezovsky)
The best libero – Aleksandr Logunov (ZapSib TPP)
The best outside hitter – Aleksey Konovalov (Iskra-1)
The best blocker – Dmitry Koverchenko (SibER)
The best passer – Sergey Medvedev (SibER)
The best opposite hitter – Aleksey Basov (SDS)
The best player – Dmitry Ishkov (SDS)

The team of Sportiko organizers thanks all those involved in the organization of the IVth All-Russian Volley SibirStroy Cup – 2018: the leaders of the participating companies and coaches of the teams, the staff and management of the North Sports and Concert Complex. We are also thankful to our honored guest Aleksey Kazakov. We also thank the team of referees, the best cheerleading support group in Siberia – Drive, the best sports photographer of Novosibirsk – Aleksandr Lukin, the best presenter, sound producer, volunteers and everyone who helped us to arrange this wonderful event that will remain in the memory of the participants and organizers for a long time. HOORAY! And see you at the Volley TEK Cup – 2019!

2015 – RES, JSC (Novosibirsk)
2016 – Gazpromneft-Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk)
2017 – Gazpromneft-East (Tomsk)
2018 – SibER (Kemerovo)
2019 - ???